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Do Not Buy an Abs Belt before You Have Read This!

The Flex Belt as Reference

med809016There of course more Abs Toning Belt, this article will explain how belts work and if they are any good, with the FlexBelt as example and point of reference.

Welcome, you came to this page because you are looking for a way to get your body, especially your abs, into better shape, quickly and that you are considering buying the The Flexbelt. You are probably looking for reliable reviews about the Flexbelt and not another website that is only trying to sell you one and just tell you about anything to reach that goal.

Well I was like you, I was working out in the gym and wanted better looking abs and a tighter looking body. I wanted quicker results, so I researched the belt option as well as the different belts on the market.

The Belts do they work or not?

There are some conflicting ideas about using belts. Some say they work, other say they do not work at all. Looking into this, it turns out that the discussion is not about the working of the belts, they do work, but more about the huge expectation of what it can do and in how much time. That is what the discussion is really about.

Most belts are sold with the promise that they will give you 6 pack abs in a month or even a fortnight as well as that they will melt you fat away in no time. Of course this is sales talk and completely untrue.

After the research I decided the belt was well worth buying because it did extra work for me and did not cost me extra time, so it would help me to a better looking body quicker than without the Ab belt.

Does it mean the belts do not work. No, they do work. They work the muscles, strengthening and building them. And of course all this extra activity does cost energy and therefore burns calories and burns body fat. What you will see, is stronger more defined ab muscles but still covered probably with a layer of body fat that you started with. However if you want more defined abs and loose body fat quickly, you have to do something extra. I will tell you the best way to get quick results with the belt on the next page.

Let’s look at how the belt works.

The Flex belt: How does it work?

The Flex Belt patented EMS muscle stimulation technology is used by physical therapists to exercise the muscles of their patients. This technology has been used in the health care industry for thirty years .This is the same technology has been used to create the Flexbelt. The Flex Belt generates deep, yet comfortable contractions that effectively firm, tone and strengthen all your abs.

The Flex Belt is build on the basis of medical science. It is the first Electric Muscle Stimulation product of its kind cleared by the FDA as a class II medical device for direct to consumer sales.

Established manufacturer

A medical device company with their headquarters in Galway, Ireland is the manufacturers of the Flex Belt .They have with 40 years of expertise designing, manufacturing and marketing EMS devices for medical and consumer use. 5000 clinics in the world use their EMS medical devices.There are more than two million very satisfied worldwide customers who will testify that The Flex Belt works.


What does the Flex belt do?

female absThe unique construction of the Flex Belt features three medical-grade Gel Pads, covering the central abdominal and external obliques. The Flex Ab Belt generates contractions that effectively target all your abs on deep level.When you switch the belt on, signals from the Flex Belt activate the are where the nerves for the abs muscles are most concentrated. These nerves branch out to all of the abdominal muscles causing them to contract and relax naturally. All of the muscles will be stimulated at the same time, not just those directly in the area covered by the belt.

If you want to increase muscle mass and loose weight you need to use the belt 2 times per day for at least a month. An effective workout lasts just 30 minutes. The flex belt has clear instructions that come with it, so you should be able to determine what the best frequency for your purpose would be.

When the first results start showing, you can stop using on a daily basis, but increase the frequency levels a bit. When you increase the frequency and intensity each week by a couple of notches then you should get impressive results. You can check the official forums. Long time users of the flex belt developed interesting and very effective programs that get the results faster.


What do experts say?

John Porcari, Phd, Professor of Exercise and Sport Science of the University of Wisconsin “We’ve evaluated a number of abdominal products and the nice thing about The Flex Belt is people got results. The Flex Belt works all three muscle groups of the stomach simultaneously because the pads are located in the middle as well as the sides. Based on the studies we’ve done, there is no question that it is going to increase strength, firmness & tone people’s abdominal muscles.

Pros and cons


Let us begin with the cons., There is only one, my reaction when I saw the price of the was ‘The Flex Belt is not really cheap’. If you can call it a con, it does not need batteries too often, you do have to change them every once in a while.


The positive the Flex Belt,. Using it will only require wearing the belt underneath the clothes and adjusting the intensity according to your preference. As for safety aspect or side effects, it is FDA approved so it is safe to use.

The effect it will give you is similar to the effect of the traditional ab workout which requires time and so much effort.

The wear and tear of the Flex Belt . The Flex belt, is made of quality material, which is very important for something you want to use for a long time. This is something which you use at least 2 to 3 times a week it must be of good quality. It is battery operated this electric system must keep on functioning properly for it ot be effective in long run.

Pros and Cons

These are the Pros

  • Feel the effect immeadiately
  • Adjust the intensity according to your preference
  • FDA approved so it is safe to use
  • You can wear the belt underneath the clothes
  • Made of quality material

These are the Cons


  • The Flex Belt is not really cheap.
  • Allthough it does not need new batteries too often, you do have to change them every once in a while.


San Francisco49ers All Star

“The first time that I used it I was very surprised because it was working those muscles that I had been trying to work with crunches and I got the results that I wanted. It works those muscles, tones them, makes them stronger and it is very easy. I can’t stand behind a product that I don’t believe in. I recommend people give it a try and I know they are going to get the results they really want..”



You can order the belt on the official site or from Amazon. The price is the same, however there are some extra bonuses when you order the belt from the official site. There is a 60 money back guarantee

All Flex Belt orders come with our famous guarantee so you have nothing to lose by trying our awesome advancement in technology. Any order can be returned for a 100% refund within 60 days from the date you place your order. No questions asked

$100 value bonuses: The best meal planner to loose weight fast and build muscle 50 value. And a $50 subscription of a magazine of your choice( out of 3)

Shipping: Shipping is free.

Order your belt now and try it out





imagesAnother unexpected use of the flex belt is for people with hernia. Doctors have been using EMS as a form of physical therapy for years on patients that have difficulty performing regular exercises. Of course it is difficult for people with hernia to move without having pain. That is where the flex belt comes in very handy, because you can sit still and still train your abs. Strengthening the abs is very important for people with back problems. Stronger at this site helps support the body to take away the strain on the muscles and are in the back.

The other advantage is that the intensity of the electric pulses can be controlled on a scale from one to hundreds. This makes it possible to start training abs with a very low intensity and then gradually increase the intensity when the muscles get stronger. This is of course much more difficult with physical exercises. When using it with hernia it would probably be safest to use the device while right while laying down. In that way the back would have maximum support protecting the hernia while using the device. The ballots should be used very gently in the beginning. Later on we can increase the intensity and one would almost certainly experience less pain. The reason is that when the abs get stronger they are better able to support the body and take away the strain on the back muscles.

Of course it is good to use the flex belt together with other exercises. You might even experiment using the belt on different parts of the body.

Another great is bondage of the belt is that you can wear it all day so you would still get your exercise even if you would not have the time or capacity to do physical exercises.